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    Evoia - Villa Christine

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    Welcome to charming Evoia, the second biggest island in Greece. It’s a miniature of Greece that extends from Pilio to Cyclades and embraces  the Eastern Coast of the mainland, with a view of Evoikosbay and the endless blue of Aegean.
    Evoia, being born by the matching of contrasts, charms every visitor.

    Inbetweenthe foot of the imposing mountains, the golden beaches and the aged olive groves, amazing vineyards thrive, composing a landscape of unique beauty, while one of the biggest suspension  bridges in Europe connects the island with the mainland in the nearest point, where  the capital of  the island, Chalkida, is located.

    The glorious history of Evoia, full of remains of ancient civilizations that were connected with the mythology and the history of Greece, is captured on a charming canvas with numerous archaeological sites, for example the Sanctuary of Artemis, the ancient theatre and the archaeological  museum of  Eretria, stunning Roman baths, Byzantine churches, proud Middle-aged towers and monasteries.

    The island with the unique, global tide phenomenon of Evripos channel, the lively nightlife,the popular food, turquoise waters, the stunning beaches and the pleasant stay in traditional accommodation or luxurious hotels, is a continuous and favourable option of a cosmopolitan destination.