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    Nearbygetaways - Villa Christine

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    Villa ChristineNearbygetaways


    Break away in a pure and authentic world. If you want to test your limits and to revitalise alongside nature, then by using our hotel as your starting place, you can have your getaways in the nearby area:

    • Climb to the Frankish castle ‘’Rizokastro’’ on the rocky hill of 170 meters height.
    • Visit the Temple of Apollon and the unique archaeological collection at the museum of Eretria
    • Go on hiking or cycling excursions by crossing the Canyon of Dimosari or admiring the ’Dragon-houses’ on top of Ochi or drinking crystal clear water from the sources of thearea
    • For the lovers of extreme sports, after arrangements, you can go diving in the islets of Evoikos.

    And if just by thinking all that, makes you tired, just enjoy the view of Evoikos from the garden of the Villa Christine.


    • Roman baths – Roman Thermes and Venetian Tower at the area of the Steam-Electric Factory of Karavos, Aleveri
    • Mycenaean  arched grave of Katakalos
    • Venetian Tower of Trahili
    • Σπήλαιο Σκοτεινής Θαρρουνίων
    • Rizokastro or Rizopyrgos Venecian – castle in Aliveri
    • Venetian Tower in Milaki