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    Nireos Coast - Villa Christine

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    Nireos Coast

    Villa ChristineNireos Coast


    The settlement of the Nireos Coast is a seaside settlement of the southern Evoikos Sea on the rout Amarythos – Aliveri. It is built amphitheatrically  above   the identical named beach    that many inlets are formed around it.

    The beach is covered with small pebbles and is located in the south eastern area.

    In ancient times, it is said that Nireas was worshipped as a marine God, before even Poseidon.  It was Nireas who told Paris the catastrophic consequences the latter would have in capturing Beautiful Helen (Helen of Troy) by taking her to his city, Troy.  Moreover, it was Nireas who showed Hercules the road to the Garden of Hesperides.  The marine God was married to Oceanide Doris and had 50 daughters, the so called, Nereids.